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Lou’s Commercial Cleaning Website

Lou’s was and is a dream client: they came to us with a blank slate and a feeling they wanted to evoke, and we got to take it from there.
Lou’s Commercial Cleaning

Commercial Cleaning Services


Fresh, Clean Website

The above-the-fold content on Lou's Commercial Cleaning's website.

Lou’s Commercial Cleaning in Billings are experts in the commercial cleaning industry. They wanted a digital marketing presence that would convey a brand image of cleanliness and professionalism. ThatsNinja was handed a blank slate on which to craft a visual brand and brand identity, and to build a marketing effort.

The Project

An info panel from the Lou's website, showing fresh cirtus fruit and mint leaves in a stylized splash of water on the left, with a call-to-action info section on the right.

We were able to come at this website truly from the ground up. The important features were simply that it be attractive, and evocative of a ‘fresh, clean feeling.’ Lou’s quickly settled on a new logo design and color palette, and we were able to get straight to work producing their new website.

The footer section of the Lou's Commercial Cleaning website, with a contact CTA and key info links.