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Elite needed to hit the ground running just in time for tax season.
Elite Accounting, Consulting & Tax

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The homepage of Elite Accounting, Consulting & Tax's website.

Elite has been handling our business and personal taxes, and business consulting needs for years. When we contacted Ala’ Zaki to ask some questions about this year’s taxes we found him in a bit of bind. Elite was just trying to really ramp up marketing for the tax season and they didn’t yet have a website.

We met with Ala’, assessed Elite’s needs, and very quickly produced a marketing plan to get him through the tax season. The website was to be the linchpin of these efforts, which would also involve socials and paid search engine marketing. We got right to work, and produced a fully functional and fully search-engine-optimized website within less than a week while simultaneously polishing up the branding on all of Elite’s social marketing channels.

The Project

The Contact Us section from one of Elite's inner pages. Every page features multiple ways to contact Elite, making it very simple for customers to get in touch for next steps.

People who want to talk to a tax professional are wanting quality answers to important personal questions. Ala’ shines in this respect, as he prides himself on making sure that he really connects with clients. He’s always responsive to emails, instant messages, and text messages, and it’s happened very often when we get up in the early morning and check socials for aging leads that Ala’ has been up answering questions for people after 10 pm or before 4 am.

We wanted Ala’ to have multiple ways to hear from his current and prospective clients at any time. However someone was most comfortable reaching out, we wanted them to find the information they needed to get in touch with Elite right away. So every page on Elite’s website features a big Contact Us section just above the footer. Acting as a call-to-action, this section provides all the information someone would need to find where Elite’s locations are, and how to get in touch with someone at Elite as soon as possible.

Also, we integrated the site with Facebook’s Messenger extension for businesses. This way people on the website can use their Facebook identity to message Elite directly, and the messages come right to the Messenger app on Ala’s phone. The workflow has been very smooth and has enabled Ala’ to very quickly score a badged Facebook account for Elite for how responsive he is to inquiries via the platform.

What's Next for Elite?

Looking to the year ahead, Ala’ is excited to market Elite’s other offerings in the accounting and business consulting spaces. We’re looking forward to working together to discover how we can create digital experiences which will help Elite revolutionize accounting, consulting, and tax in Billings!