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Who We Are

We’re a small, local agency that punches way above our weight with world-class digital marketing services provided professionally and affordably.

Our Mission

Our mission is to help people and businesses take control of their destinies through the clever, affordable application of the arts and sciences we practice.

What It Means for Us

Like a doctor who seeks first to do no harm, our mission to help our clients succeed means a couple of very important things to us.

Responsible Consulting

Of course we love to get paid, but not at the expense of the pride we take in a job well done. We can't enjoy our success if we earned it by being dishonest. That's why: we will never oversell a solution, or try to talk a client into something they don't need.

Accurate Quotes & Invoices

You being successful means being in control of your finances. You can't have that control if your contractors are submitting burner bills. So: You will never be billed more than you were quoted. If we go above bid, we eat it.

Unending Support Obligation

Heads down development of the next big thing. We utilize Agile working processes internally in order to deliver value about every two weeks, and to gather feedback continually.

We Want to Hear From You

We’re super excited to hear about your project. Let us help you make sense of things and discover how we can help you succeed.

Our Philosophy

When people are empowered to make the best choices they’ll naturally choose to work with those who truly support them.

How It Shapes What We Do

We seek to empower people with the right information to make the best possible decisions regarding their business—even if that means we end up not working together on a given project.


Information wants to be free. Given the best information, people will make the choice that's the best for everyone.


We are all a team. All of us. We succeed or fail together, and we owe it to our own success to help others to succeed.


Everyone involved in a project must know exactly what is expected of them for the project's successful completion.


Why and how need to be clearly defined at every point. There are no surprises when everyone's on a level.

Doing Our Part

If we’re being honest we’ve been very fortunate to work in high tech. We caught the crest of a wave that has carried us from 1997 all the way to the present. In that time we’ve witnessed a technological explosion and proliferation of computing capacity that has had a real impact on the world we live in.

Again, if we’re being completely honest, not all of this impact has been positive.

We owe it to everyone alive and those yet to be born to do what we can to be technologically responsible. This is why ThatsNinja is more than happy to donate 1% of our gross revenue to the removal of carbon from our global environment. We’ve partnered with Stripe Climate to make this happen. You can learn more about them by clicking their logo below:

Our Team

Our team of professional creators and innovators has a combined total of over 30 years of work history in many aspects of software development, graphic design, and marketing. We are fortunate to be able to serve the Billings business community today, offering the benefit of our experience to help our amazing clients.

Our Partners

We have long experience in the industry, and have worked with a lot of other businesses in that time. We choose only the partners who help us ensure that we’re delivering the best possible value to our clients.