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Digital Experience

Digital experience enables experiences that aren't possible without technology. Let us help you develop revolutionary ways to interact with your business.
A man enjoying wearing a virtual reality headset.

Digital experience is about the application of technology to provide experiences to customers that aren’t otherwise possible. Our previous digital revolution found paper disappearing, being replaced by digital media in all forms. The next revolution is one of experience, where we will interact with the world in ways only made possible through technology.

Nearly universal access to information means that we can be constantly connected. We no longer have to simply look at a scanned copy of a physical document, but we can now interact with that document in real time to use it as a jumping-off point for deeper insight. Click a customer name on an invoice to view that customer’s entire order history, or click on a line item to dive into inventory and locate a product in a warehouse. The applications of technology are limited only by our imagination.

Everyone is talking about the ‘metaverse’—the hypothetical space where we will come together virtually to play, to shop, and to interact with one another. Virtual reality enables this by transporting us from the realm of the purely physical, and by providing inputs and outputs that are entirely computer generated. Augmented reality takes this even a step further, superimposing virtual content over the physical world and enabling completely new interactions.

We no longer need to be physically present to interact with one another, and the future promises even richer experience innovations by combining technologies in novel ways. ThatsNinja is excited to stand together with you at the threshold of the next phase in our evolution as producers and consumers.

A smart phone showing an augmented reality digital experience, explaining the parts of a machine being shown by the phone's camera.

What can a digital experience strategy do for your business?

A quality digital experience needs to be user-centric. It must be driven by the needs of your customers, your employees, or your partners. Using technology as a hammer and trying to find nails will result in wasted effort and confusion.

Take the example of an employee journey, and let’s just say you run a production diesel shop. Perhaps you have inventory challenges typical of organizations that need to keep potentially thousands of parts on-hand in storage: space runs out, and so parts received are put wherever they fit. They become hard to inventory, and so it eventually becomes nearly impossible to take stock without stopping production or forcing your staff to work a ton of extra hours.

Now envision a solution whereby your shelving is marked with QR codes that are scannable by an inventory app. The employee receiving inventory scans the barcode on the product received and then walks into the warehouse and holds up their phone. The app recognizes where it is in the warehouse by the markings on the shelving units and guides the employee to the right place to store the incoming product, whereupon the employee simply shelves the part and clicks a button in the app.

This scenario is an example of an employee experience that is not possible without the application of technology. It assumes that multiple systems are being coordinated behind the scenes, transparent to the employee. This is truly the idea: combining technologies in novel ways to improve the experience of being human in interface with technology.

Let's Innovate Together

ThatsNinja has broad experience of technology, and deep understanding of the human-technology interface. We love to solve hard problems, and we would delight in the opportunity to explore how a new digital experience could help change the way you do business.

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