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Determining brand assets, and how your brand is a reflection of your core values is essential to becoming or remaining competitive. Branding efforts can be a lot of work, but the numbers are long since in and the payoff is huge.
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Your Brand: Your Second Most Valuable Asset

Your brand is the face your company presents to the world. Remember in high school, how there were jocks, stoners, nerds, and preps? Just like high school, our brand is an outgrowth of how we interact with the world, and it tends to inform how the world interacts with us.

Everything we project, from our company logo, to the design of our stationery and company website, to our customer service presence on social media determines our brand identity. Are we innovative and fun? Serious and reliable? Dull and forgettable? These impressions translate directly to our ability to capture target audiences and convert them to customers.

It’s easy for our brand to become a kind of afterthought, particularly if we’ve become modestly successful. Sort of like having a kid who always made fairly good grades, got some scholarships, and is now out in the world doing their thing. They seldom come to us with problems and so we assume stuff is going okay, but we only hear from them a couple of times a month anyway, and everyone is so busy…

Brand Basics

In reality, owning a brand is a big responsibility. We are the ones primarily responsible for the type of citizen our company becomes. The decisions we make have a direct effect on that citizenship.

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Your Logo is Your Brand Ambassador

Have a great logo that works in lots of applications, and then plaster it anywhere that will stand still for it.

Everything You Do is Your Brand

From the way you respond to messages on Facebook to the color of your service trucks, your brand needs to be involved.

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Design Around Your Brand

Your website, your stationery materials, your work shirts, promotional videos‚ÄĒeverything you produce visually needs to represent your brand.

Be Unwavering

If you fail to deliver on your brand promise people will notice, and they’ll lose confidence in you.

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Consistency is Key

Develop and publish brand guidelines to ensure your employees and partners know how to effectively represent your brand at market.

Contact Us to Discuss Your Brand Strategy

Wherever you’re at in your brand journey we’d love to be a part of it. Get in touch today, and ThatsNinja can walk you through an evaluation of your brand to help you determine how to meet your business goals.

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