Digital Marketing Strategy

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Modern marketing happens online. Digital marketing is about finding your ideal customers where they're spending their time online, and helping motivate them to make the right decisions.

Enhanced communication channels.

Digital marketing provides numerous channels for you to communicate with your customers, such as social media platforms, email marketing, live chat, and website feedback forms. By leveraging these channels, you can actively listen to customer feedback, inquiries, and concerns. This allows you to promptly address customer needs, provide relevant information, and engage in meaningful conversations. Real-time communication through digital channels enables your business to build stronger relationships with your customers and foster trust and loyalty.

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Personalized & targeted messaging.

Digital marketing allows your business to segment your customer base and deliver personalized messages to specific customer segments. By analyzing customer data and preferences, we can help tailor your marketing campaigns and content to align with the needs and interests of different customer groups. Personalized messaging makes customers feel understood and valued, increasing the likelihood of positive engagement and response. By delivering targeted messages, you can effectively address customer pain points, showcase relevant products or services, and provide solutions that resonate with your audience.

Data-driven insights.

Digital marketing provides you with valuable data and analytics that can be used to understand customer behavior, preferences, and trends. By analyzing this data, your business will gain insights into customer needs, purchasing patterns, and engagement levels. This information enables us to make informed decisions and adapt your business' marketing strategies to better serve your customers. For example, data might reveal that a particular customer segment prefers a specific communication channel or responds well to a particular type of content. Armed with these insights, we can optimize your digital marketing efforts and tailor your customer responses accordingly.

Our approach to digital marketing offers continually improving results.


In the discovery phase, our team seeks first to understand. We want to get to know you and your business. What are your strengths and opportunities? Where can we help?


Armed with an understanding of the problem or opportunity that our work will aim to address we're prepared to continue with discovery. This involves conducting market research, analyzing user needs, and identifying the goals and objectives of the project. The team may also study existing solutions and competitors to gain insights.


Our strategy session is where we collaborate with you to develop your ideal customer persona. Who is the person we're marketing to? What are their needs? Where do they work, and what do they prefer to do when they're not working? How much money do they have to spend, and how do they prefer to spend it?


The picture we paint will inform our decisions in terms of how best to apply our efforts - and your marketing spend. Which social channels, what web application technologies, what visual style? These questions and more will be answered before we begin the design phase.


Our design process is about two things, primarily: your business's identity, and your ideal customer's journey. We need to help your brand make the right impact, while staying true to itself. At the same time, we need to be customer obsessed - to deliver products that will properly engage your audience, and turn shoppers into buyers.


We will iterate through this process working in concert, refining our initial ideas to make sure our development efforts will land squarely. We love the drawing board, and we're not afraid to spend as much time there as needed to deliver products that will absolutely delight.


Development is about more than just pulling a template off the shelf, switching some colors around, and stuffing in some stock photos. We want to be certain that the user experience being created is one that facilitates the customer journey we've described.


Everything plays a part, from the sizes and shapes of buttons, to the fonts used, to the way things are animated to respond to user input. Every pixel helps inform and motivate, and we can't afford to waste anything during the process which creates your digital face.


All of your content will be uniquely custom crafted to build upon your brand, and to help make sure we're delivering the best possible results.


"A product launches when you're done testing." This old software engineering truism is increasingly hilarious in this modern age of continual improvement.


In fact, our testing is never complete. Beyond our initial testing to ensure usability, we continually measure and monitor the performance of the products we release to understand how your customers are using them. We want to know there's a problem before you do, and this means possessing a sage-like ability to understand when and how users are becoming frustrated.

Product Launch

Go-live time can feel nerve-wracking, and especially if you have a lot of experience of traditional, mode-one approaches to development and operations. In 2023, product launch is a cause for celebration. We're embarking upon the most rewarding chapter of the saga, and we're about to learn a lot more than we could have ever possible known about your customers.


Spoiler alert: we didn't get everything right the first time. Mistakes we made, and there were nuances we couldn't possible have guessed at. Beyond simply being expected, this should be welcomed and embraced! The process of running an application in production and continually improving it is what sets successful digital businesses apart from the heaps of also-rans consigned to the annals of history.


Our maintenance process is never-ending for the life of our engagement. We continually monitor your deployments for security issues, necessary updates, usability issues, and more. In most cases we've already taken action to ensure that you never even need to know how much work is taking place behind the scenes.


The result for you is the ability to rest easy, knowing your online properties are being diligently maintained on your behalf, and your reputation is secure. The results for your customers are a seamless, safe, and reliable experience of their digital journey with you.

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