Video Content

Adding video content to your website or posting videos on your social media profiles can help grab attention and communicate information. Create new customers, or persuade people to your side with business videos.
A three-dimensional rendering of the International Space Station with the Earth in the background.

A Video is Worth 1.8 Million Words

An explainer video can convey in one minute what would take many pages of text and images to illustrate. Video content combines music, animation, narration, text, and voice-overs to capture attention and sway audiences unlike any other medium. ThatsNinja has nearly 20 years of full-motion content creation and editing experience that we can apply to helping your business succeed.

Thanks to modern technology, we can measure the impact of our videos, too, and tweak them for optimal results. Editing allows us to cut and recombine the same content for multiple platforms, to be able to deliver videos via TikTok, Instagram, Facebook, LinkedIn, and the web. This powerful combination of engaging content and rich analytics can produce serious marketing heat.

Video Slideshow

A slideshow like this is a low-cost option for businesses looking to inform or persuade audiences without going off the deep end, hiring a videographer and booking shoots. We can take your existing photos, combine them with stock photography and royalty-free music to produce animations for Youtube, Vimeo, web, or sharing on social media.

Logo Reveal Videos

Logo reveals are another way to get beautiful, custom motion graphics without breaking the bank. These logo reveals make great intros for other content, and are a great way to showcase your brand on social platforms.

Want to Get Video Content for Your Business?

We’re ready to help! Contact us to discuss your marketing goals, and we can help you get the video content that will propel your business to the next level.