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We have a wealth of experience in multiple disciplines essential to your success. ThatsNinja brings over thirty years of experience in web design and development, graphic design, print, digital and video marketing, systems architecture, software engineering, and IT management to the table. We can do great things together.

Our services aren’t one-size-fits-all or even t-shirt sizes. We meet with each individual client to determine the mix of design, development, and strategy needed to help them achieve their business goals. Let’s work together to tailor the perfect mix of technology and art in order to meet your needs.

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Web Design

If you're looking for web design Billings MT has a lot of great agencies to choose from. Many of the top web designers in Montana are right here in town! ThatsNinja has been building websites for local businesses for over ten years, and working in the web development industry for over twenty.

Graphic Design

Your valuable brand deserves high-quality, custom design services for digital, video, and print media. We offer complete branding and visual marketing solutions to solidify and boost your company's image. Everything from logo design to business cards, or printed materials from t-shirts to flyers.

Online Marketing

We specialize in the complete digital customer experience. We'll find your customers where they're at online and help you market to them consistently for real digital marketing results!

IT Consulting

Business process improvement, technical project management, DevOps cultural transformation, and more. We put over thirty years of industry experience at your disposal.

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Get in touch today to talk about your next project. Consultations are low-stress, zero pressure, and absolutely free.


About Our Work

We aim to be great to work with. We want you to understand what’s happening and what’s expected of everyone involved at every point. In the end, you need to own what we produce, and we seek to empower your ownership throughout the entire process.

ThatsNinja creates original materials for every engagement. We study market trends and research the specific vertical of each client we engage to ensure that our designs and messaging will land squarely. Our work is designed and engineered to truly engage your target audience.

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The process is simple, and is guided exclusively by you. You’ll never get a bill that we haven’t agreed to, and you’ll never pay more than you were quoted for anything we produce.

We gather the key people to determine what your needs and wants are. We can also talk about budget to make sure we’re only quoting the things you’re willing and able to afford.

We take it away to come up with the plan. You will have multiple checkpoints during this phase to help steer the process. We only move forward when everything meets your approval.

Heads down development of the next big thing. We utilize Agile working processes internally in order to deliver value about every two weeks, and to gather feedback continually.

Go-live time. The fruits of our labors are unveiled, and we keep careful track to ensure optimal performance.

During the review & feedback process we talk about what went well, what could have gone better, and next steps. We want everyone involved to be better for the experience we’ve had together.

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About Us

We’re a digital-first creative agency located in Billings, Montana. We offer expert design, development, and consulting services to help our clients engage in the digital marketing world.

Whether you need web development, web design, logo design, or the design of an entire marketing campaign, ThatsNinja has the skills and experience to help your business reach its goals.

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